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Here you can find interesting news and a lot of things worth knowing about hiring and letting of living space and especially „temporary accommodation”.


Investment in German

Residential Property, safe and sustainable - supported by the HomeCompany!

Capital investment in property combines security and earnings potential like no other financial investment. And especially with property abroad, it is important to rely on specialist partners with regard to marketing – like the HomeCompany!

Why invest in German property?

Capital investment in property combines security and earnings potential like no other financial investment!

Compared to cities in other European countries, property prices and rents in Germany are currently at a very interesting level. While prices up to 10,000 EUR/m² are not uncommon in Paris, London or Moscow, property in German cities is often available at less than 1,000 EUR/m². Word has spread about the fact that property prices and rents are still comparatively low in Germany.
A growing number of international investors have identified the development potential in large German cities and it is no longer a secret that Germany, together with its business cities, has gained importance in recent years as an investment location.

Many undervalued residential properties and rents with increase potential ensure the perspective for safe and sustainable investment. And investment in property also provides protection against inflation. Tax benefits exist for investments in listed property.

Why „Temporary Accommodation“?

The ideal Marketing Strategy!

HomeCompany has been Germany’s leading specialist agent for temporary furnished accommodation for more than 25 years – and therefore also for residential property which can be i.a. profitable as a capital investment. Thousands of property owners rely on us to manage their properties for temporary furnished accommodation.

Our clients include large, reputable companies which specifically accommodate their staff for projects via HomeCompany. Directors, management staff, professors, scientists and many other specialists have been using our services for a long time. This ensures we can optimize occupation of the property in terms of earnings potential and at the same time maintain flexibility. Because: according to German tenancy law, normal unfurnished tenancy can actually restrict your right to access to the property for a long period!

Make sure you remain flexible in terms of usage after acquiring your property, and participate in the development of German residential property and especially in the booming sector of ‚Temporary Accommodation‘– with the HomeCompany!

Knowledge of local markets + networks important!

Whether it’s an apartment block, a condominium, holiday apartment or any other residential investment property:

We know the special features of the various German property markets and will support you before, during and after acquisition of property! We provide professional consultancy and extensive market experience, and can contribute to the success of your investment right from the start.

Our competent, customer-oriented approach and our local networks ensure we can support you in managing and using the property as a profitable capital investment. We act flexibly on the market and area aware of the trust and faith you place in our work.

The temporary accommodation model of HomeCompany provides investors and capital investors with the best opportunity for investment return after acquisition – throughout the whole of Germany!

Interested? Simply call us and we’ll be pleased to help you. HomeCompany has a unique standing in Germany with its experience in the special property sector‚ Temporary Accommodation‘.

Discretion is, of course, ensured!

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